Meet Abby, age 17

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Abby HAS RAISED $2270

San Francisco, CA

Update from Cheryl!

WE DID IT!!!💃🏼🚴‍♀️ We made it across the Golden Gate and finished our cross country bike ride raising awareness and $$ for #type1diabetes with #beyondtype1

Nick Jonas Meets the Team in Napa

Sonoma Valley, CA

Update from Cheryl!

Saved for the last day…an amazing thoughtful gift from Aaron Johnson, president of Families Fighting Type 1, to team Bike Beyond!

Honig Vineyard & Winery

Update from Cheryl!

What a fabulous last 2 days! Arriving in Napa with a police escort in the last 10 miles, an AMAZING party Honig Winery where team Bike Beyond was surprised by the Know Foods CEO with news that they are buying everyone in team Bike Beyond their bikes so we all get to keep them 🎉

Cheers and tears were shed all around, thank you Steve for your amazing generosity and for keeping us fed all the way across the country and especially through the desert🌵❤️!

Then we had a beautiful tour of the Honig Winery and learned how to test grapes for sweetness to see if they are ready for harvest and we had a beautiful lunch with the Honig family and Nick Jonas!

California State Border

Update from Cheryl!

We made it to #Califreakinfornia 🎉 We have learned a lot during this incredible journey and now our ❤️’s are turning towards home and the ability to sleep in a bed every night!!!!


I am so proud of Abby Pepper she has been incredible! She also found her “we made it to CA reward” since she will by the ski slopes at #AppState 🙌

Speaking of incredible, we couldn’t have done this with all our support from my amazing Mr. Pepper on the home front or our incredible Specialized Ruby machines!!!

Very surreal! Now for a rest day in South Lake Tahoe!

Border, Utah

Update from Cheryl!

Well we finally made it to #Nevada 🎉

Utah was pretty brutal to us but happiness returns with fun water stop entertainment by Jesse, good showers and rest!

So proud of Abby she is so strong and never complains! She is my inspiration❤️

Arches National Park

Update from Cheryl!

Rest Day in Moab means hiking in #ArchesNationalPark 🎉 what a week we have had from climbing through the Rockies to coming into the desert to #Moab 🚴‍♀️

Moab, Utah

Here’s a video captured by Neil Greathouse of the brushfire that started right after lightning struck a field across from the house the team was staying in!


Update from Cheryl!

We climbed climbed climbed then we went down down down! Beautiful day for a ride!

Lookout Mountain Park, CO

Update from Cheryl!

Our best ride yet❤️ Colorado has a piece of my heart😍

So proud of this amazing girl today!! All her hard work and training paid off and she knew what her body needed, blood sugars stayed the best they have been on any ride since June 4th, she climbed like a little mtn goat!

Update from Cheryl!

Boulder Rest Day!

Last Chance, CO

Update from Cheryl!

The team gets to Colorado!

Update from Cheryl!

Well it’s been an exciting day here at #BikeBeyond We started out getting the water van stuck in the mud at first water stop, on a 101 mi day, but the awesome guys at S&M Repair got us out in no time!! Then it was off to find lunch for the team, we lucked up on a Qdoba, then we were off to meet the groups for our last water/nutrition stop at the #COLORADO state line crossing!! Abby was a great helper today, we make a pretty good team on and off the bike! We ended with our first pool dip so far believe it or not!

Update from Cheryl in Kansas!


77 mi today in temps reaching 105 degrees!! Got to see the Worlds Largest Ball of Twine though!

Update from Cheryl!


 Today’s ride is dedicated to LOGAN MERVIN! Happy 9th Diaversary Logan🎉 you are rockin!

Update from somewhere in Kansas!

Update from Cheryl!

Toto search…

Manhattan, Kansas

Update from Cheryl!

Perfect low bld sugar stop! 96 degrees and 2mi from host for the night!


Blackburn, Missouri

Update from Cheryl!

Treating a #LowBloodSugar at mile 76…temp 90 with 1,000% humidity, bs 75 with ⬇️⬇️😳 #WhatsWorthIt #beyondtype1 #IAmSpecialized #HoneyStinger #Dexcom #OmniPod

Abby Q+A
Age? 18
Own personal reason for making this trip? I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was thirteen years old. Since my diagnosis, I’ve always been incredibly passionate about advocating for Type 1 Diabetes and its awareness. I have also focused many of my school projects and senior exit paper on misdiagnosis and the devastating reality of DKA. Beyond Type 1 heavily campaigns for DKA Awareness and Prevention and through this cross country trip, we are doing exactly that. Our vans are plastered with the symptoms of undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes to lessen the chances of misdiagnosis. We meet many people along our way who ask us about our van, about our jerseys, and why we would want to bike 4,300 miles across the country. These questions are the perfect opportunities to give potentially life saving information that may be needed in the future by the people we meet along the way.
What do you expect to take back from this ride? How to get dressed and ready in under thirty minutes!!! I’ll also probably be taking home a serious farmer’s tan!! More seriously, I have already met so many young kids who have been recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and are thriving because of their positive attitudes and outlook. I want to take their positivity, joy, and energy home with me. How incredibly inspiring. I know I’ll have lifelong friendships from this trip – people on both the Bike Beyond team and the families we have met.
How has the trip been for you so far? The trip has been exhilarating, mentally and physically exhausting, beautiful, inspiring, empowering, and amazing. The people we’ve met are extremely inspirational in their every day lives – raising children with Type 1 Diabetes, coping with Type 1 Diabetes themselves in difficult stages of life, and ordinary people who don’t have connections to Type 1 Diabetes but just want to help out because they can. We have truly met the best people on this journey.
Anything you wish to add? I’m so thankful for those who have donated to help make all of this possible. There are not enough words to ever express my gratitude to everyone who has donated their time, finances, and thoughts to this expedition. I’m also so grateful for our sponsors – Specialized bicycles have been so tremendously supporting of our team and our mission by sponsoring us with beautiful Ruby’s and Roubaix’s for the ride. What a dream come true!
Bike Beyond Picnic!

Thanks to Neil Greathouse for capturing this fun video of the team picnic!


Mammoth Cave National Park

Update from Cheryl!

Yesterday was pretty Mammoth for #BikeBeyond We started out with a beautiful fast paced 50 mi ride through the rolling hills of #KY, we pedaled so fast we gained an extra hour😉 Then we had a nice picnic lunch in some shade with a #napchat finish! Then we all piled up and went to #MammothCaveNationalPark where we got to tour a small section of the largest cave system in the world (over 405mi with no end in sight)

Elizabethtown, KY

Update from Cheryl!

Long, hot, plenty of detours kind o day leaving out of Louisville, KY today!

Cleveland, OH

Update from Cheryl!

Felt #Limitless yesterday in our amazing new @iamspecialized_wmn kits! 70.5 miles and a rain storm later we were still feeling and looking fresh! Meanwhile it was hard to be without my husband on Father’s Day we were riding and contemplating our many blessings simultaneously! The good news is that Ella and Asher had it under control on the home front❤️❤️

Cleveland, OH

Update from Cheryl6

What an amazing ride day with #BikeBeyond 🎉Our team rolled finishing 72.5 mi in 4.5 hrs and mi 60-70 was on the towpath trail! Sarah Lucas and Thom Scher were here to greet us and came bearing gifts of hotel keys to an amazing room with gorgeous views!! Then just in time for Abby’s bday tomorrow, Mr. Pepper’s pkg arrived that he forwarded once he got home from @iamspecialized_wmn that had amazing new #Limitless kits in them❤️🎉❤️🎉❤️🎉🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 with a super encouraging card🎉 Bike Beyond IS HARD but it’s worth it!

Rest Day!

Update from Cheryl!

Much needed rest day in #PGH!! Brfst first then nails, Stanley Cup parade for the Penguins, then lunch at Peanut Butter Jelly Time followed by a Pittsburgh Pirates game with the Bike Beyond team and we will finish up with some rolled ice cream and a great nights sleep in our amazing little top floor airbnb❤️

Somerset County, PA

Update from Cheryl!

Pre-Lunch views and some much needed Know Foods, 35 miles to go to tonight’s campsite!

Eastern Continental Divide!

Westfield Serves as First Stop on Cross-Country Bike Tour for Diabetes Awareness

[Post originally published by TapInto of Westfield, available HERE.]

WESTFIELD, NJ — When Westfield dad Sid Bakst first heard about Bike Beyond from The Foundation for Diabetes Research in Livingston, he couldn’t help but offer his support.

“Diabetes is a disease that is near and dear to us and we are always looking for ways to help,” said Bakst, whose sons, ages 25 and 27, have been living with the disease since they were 3 and age 12, respectively.

The objective of the cross-country cycling challenge is to drive awareness of Type 1 Diabetes and to break stereotypes about the condition by showing the world that anything is possible, even when managing Type 1 Diabetes.

I’ve Got Soul Video

Thanks to Neil Greathouse and Go Pro for this video of the riders!


05/29 Pre-Ride Questionnaire

Tell us about the first time you rode a bike. 
I actually didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was eight years old! It took me forever to learn how to balance but once I got it, there was no going back!!

Tell us about a crazy moment or embarrassing experiencing with Type 1.
I wear an OmniPod insulin pump and I used to work at Chick-Fil-A, a fast food chain. An unbelievable amount of people never failed to ask me, “Is that a ranch sauce packet on your arm?”

What would your spirit animal be?
A tortoise

What’s your go-to low snack?
I get bored really easily of a go-to low so I change what’s in my bag all the time. Sometimes juice boxes, sometimes pretzels and peanut butter, candy, whatever is in front of my face that’s edible!!

Tell us something on your bucket list.
To truly live in another country for at least a year – not just as a study abroad student.

If your friends could pick three adjectives to describe you, what would they be?
Loyal, funny, determined

What’s the last thing you watched on TV and why?
Law and Order

Tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know.
I’m so random and very open so I catch people by surprise by the things I say.

What’s a super power you wish you had?

Tell us something you’re good at!
I enjoy public speaking!

If you had a theme song for yourself, what would it be?
Girl on Fire?? Maybe?? Decisions are hard.

If you had a nick name/alter ego for yourself during the ride, what would it be?
It would have to develop or catch on.. It would have to come naturally!!