Meet Amanda, age 27

Meet Amanda – Bike Beyond team member and Logistics Coordinator! Give to her fundraising page and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.


Amanda HAS RAISED $7000

Final Update from Amanda!

Day 70:

Day 68-69

Biked into Napa earlier this week with a police escort! Then spent an amazing evening and afternoon at the Honig Winery raising money and awareness for Beyond Type 1.

One ride day left this summer. We get into SF TODAY

Nick Jonas Meets the Team in Napa

Days 59-61

We’ve entered my logistics leg of the trip! I’ve been working since January on figuring out how 20 Type 1 diabetics will eat and sleep through the desert, and here we are! Biking and eating and sleeping. (Check my name on that National Park reservation 🙃)

Currently in middle of Nevada, traveling along Highway 50, the loneliest road in America. Heads up: it’s also probably the hottest. And the entire state of Nevada is full of mountains.

A little over one week until we’re in San Francisco.

Day 52-53

Update from Amanda!

Crossed into Utah! The desert is also full of mountains, but we have a rest day, an amazing condo and host, and a bunch of arches to hike through.

Moab, Utah

Here’s a video captured by Neil Greathouse of the brushfire that started right after lightning struck a field across from the house the team was staying in!

Day 50

Update from Amanda

This is me at the top of a mountain sobbing from joy and strength and exhaustion. Those trees are the highest point on the mountain! I am standing with them at the tippy top! And I rode my bike all the way there! // then we passed through the summit and biked straight down. FYI, biking down a mountain is the same as flying. 🚵🏽‍♀️🚵🏽‍♀️🚵🏽‍♀️

Days 43-46 in Colorado!

Update from Amanda!

Hello mountains, kombucha, leg days, lake days, new #t1d friends, mountain biking lessons, and craft beer. Welcome to the west.

Boulder, CO

Update from Matt!

Day 40 Update

Update from Amanda!

Another day in Kansas. Left at sunrise, weather was cooler, ride was only 65 miles, narrowly missed a tornado 🤷🏽‍♀️

Day 37

Update from Amanda!

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. // flying on my #Specialized #Ruby through the fields of Kansas. See you soon, SF ❤️

Behind the Scenes Update

Take a look at the journey so far!

Team Bike Beyond is HALF WAY through their 70-day cross country ride. Here’s a documentary sneak peek from Neil Greathouse + the riders!

Fourth of July Moberly Extravaganza and Other Updates!
Bike Beyond rode into Moberly, MO on the Fourth of July! And we were greeted by the most amazing families and community hosts. We spent Fourth of July at the Moberly Extravaganza and fireworks show. Heather and her family and her friends have an incredibly strong T1D community on the ground in this town, and we got to meet all of the girls. The Moberly community raised a bunch of money for Bike Beyond, and had a tent supporting us and the team during the Fourth of July Extravaganza. 


Day 30

Update from Amanda in St. Louis!

Canada Day in Centralia, Illinois

Update from Elliot!

Loved celebrating Canada Day 😄🇨🇦 with Canadian teammates Silvi and Matt and the rest of our awesome team!! Special thanks to honorary Canadians, Walt and Amanda for all the sweet festivities!! ☺️ 🇨🇦 #canadian #canadaday#bikebeyond #bikeacrossamerica #cycling#goodglucos

Bike Beyond Picnic!

Thanks to Neil Greathouse for capturing this fun video of the team picnic!


Day 19

Update from Amanda!

Currently writing from Yellow Springs, OH.


Feeling strong and powerful and proud.

Day 17

Update from Amanda!

Took a van day today so a bunch of us could visit a Type 1 Diabetes camp nearby. I’ve never been to T1 camp before, but I knew I wanted to meet with and talk to these kids.

It was incredible! I was diagnosed at 15. The kids tonight were age 12-16, all of them diagnosed at different stages of their lives. We shared about Beyond Type 1 and biking, we asked them about favorite low snacks, we all talked about strength.

The most amazing thing about this summer is the community I’ve discovered.

Canfield, OH

Update from Amanda!

Today was supposed to be an ~80 mile day, but due to technical difficulties (busy highways, rainstorms, injuries (no one got terribly hurt!)) I actually ended up spending today snacking and drinking around small towns in PA and biking only about 20 miles.

Still got caught in the rain (again lol) on a bike, but also got to see some cool animals at a crazy aquatic petshop, got a free coffee from a Gilmore-girls-esque coffeeshop, and got a bunch of bourbon on the house.

Overall not a bad day.

Biking into Pittsburg!

Update from Amanda!

Started with an impromptu coffee sesh…

….and then an absolutely beautiful ride along the Great Allegheny Passage…

…Until it started HAILING and we got trapped on a flooded highway. 🤷🏽‍♀️

C&O Canal:

Update from Amanda!

Today’s ride included a 900 ft climb in .7 miles in the middle of nature (we hiked our bikes), a biker bar, a flat, a bunch of rocks, and some scratches (and blood!) from cycling so fast through the c&o canal #terrifying#butbossthough #bikebeyond

Harpers Ferry National Park, MD

Update from Amanda!

Light day today. Only 50 miles.

Lessons learned: mountain biking is hard (especially on a road bike); nature is pretty; campfires are cozy

Blood sugars were crazy today, but stable now. Also, what an incredible experience sharing low snacks and numbers with my entire team 🙏🏽✨ 

Washington, D.C.

Update from Amanda!

Biked 300+ miles from NY to DC this week. Am very hungry.

Bike Beyond makes it into Pennsylvania!

Update from Amanda!


Rode 67 miles today! Jumped into Pennsylvania – biked by Philadelphia (throwback to Institute, summer ’11). Posting up in a firehouse tonight. Heading to Maryland tomorrow.


I’ve Got Soul Video

Thanks to Neil Greathouse and Go Pro for this video of the riders!


Crossing into New Jersey!

Update from Amanda!

First state crossed (New York to New Jersey!) without a hitch (well… 🤷🏽‍♀️)

Amazing, powerful team. So many adventures (and so much coconut water). Welcome to the summer.

05/29 Pre-Ride Questionnaire

Tell us about the first time you rode a bike. 
Haven’t ridden a real bike (does SoulCycle count?) in decades. I think I learned around age seven. I remember looking back to talk to my brother and crashing into a telephone pole. I think I’ll better at cycling this time around.

Tell us about a crazy moment or embarrassing experience with Type 1.
Having a seizure and fainting in front of SF City Hall.

What would your spirit animal be?
Snake – they’re the medical symbol and a sign of strength.

What’s your go-to low snack?
Granola bar or juice box or clementine (if they’re in season). I keep a box of Capri Sun near my bed.

Tell us something on your bucket list.
I want to make the world a better place.

If your friends could pick three adjectives to describe you, what would they be?
Pink and sparkly.

What’s the last thing you watched on TV and why?
Man in the High Castle; the new season just came out + dystopian fiction was a nice break from dystopian reality.

Tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know.
I’ve had two incredibly intensive knee surgeries – one on each of my legs. Training for Bike Beyond has been years in the making. I’ll never be fully healed, but cycling helps rebuild some of the muscles I’ve lost.

What’s a super power you wish you had?
To fly.

Tell us something you’re good at!
Wearing lipstick, solving problems, finding the constellations, sunbathing.

If you had a theme song for yourself, what would it be?
She’s a Lady – LION BABE

If you had a nick name/alter ego for yourself during the ride, what would it be?
Lady Mandress (it’s what some of my former students call me)

How SOUL Helped One Rider Accept Her ‘Fullest Self’

[Post originally published on Soul Cycle’s Website, available HERE.]

AMANDA OBERSKI first came to SoulCycle after undergoing surgery and physical therapy. Now, 100 classes later, she’s opened up about living with Type 1 Diabetes and plans to ride her bike across the country next month. Here’s her story…