Meet Elliot, age 33

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Elliot HAS RAISED $2282

Napa, CA

Update from Elliot!

Wishing I could eat like this everyday!  Beyond Type 1, thank you for putting on an incredible party!

Final Update from Elliot!

Finished it!!! 😄 NYC to San Fran! 🌴 So grateful for this journey, our team, Beyond Type 1, and our sponsors: @knowfoods @iamspecialized_road @genucan @sierratp @honeystinger @ntrecovery @goodglucos

Nick Jonas Meets the Team in Napa

Nick Jonas in Napa

Awesome afternoon with @nickjonas and Team #bikebeyond!


Eureka, NV

Update from Elliot!

4th summit of day, 4,200 ft of elevation gain, 79.6 miles – 4:58 hrs!!

Cross-country riders raise awareness about living with Type 1 diabetes

[Post originally published by The Times Independent in Moab, Utah,  available HERE.]

by Molly Marcello

Matt Swain (left), Tom Dillon and Jesse Lavine relax during a “Bike Beyond” potluck in Moab. Photo by Molly Marcello 

In an effort to show that having Type 1 diabetes doesn’t mean opting out of adventure, 19 individuals with the chronic autoimmune condition are biking across America from Brooklyn, New York to San Francisco, California. Their ride, called “Bike Beyond Type 1,” landed them in Moab July 24, where they met with community members and other diabetics to share stories about the condition and their great journey.


Moab, Utah

Update from Elliot!


Rolling into Moab!!  I love riding for Team Bike Beyond!

Update from Elliot!

Best state sign yet!! 😄😂 #utah #bikebeyond #t1d #t1dstrong #moabbound

Moab, Utah

Here’s a video captured by Neil Greathouse of the brushfire that started right after lightning struck a field across from the house the team was staying in!

Diabetes Delegation

[Post originally published by The Daily Sentinel, available HERE.]

By Charles Ashby

Sixty-three cities, 15 states, 4,291 miles and only two months to do it.

That’s how 20 bicycle riders who live with Type 1 diabetes are spending their summer.


Frisco, CO

Loveland Pass, CO

Update from Ryan!

After riding up our first Colorado mountain pass, the first thing we decided to do was hike to the *actual* top of the mountain with our bikes. The opportunity was too good to “pass” up ✌️😅  Jesse and Elliot, you guys are insane!

The Team Makes it to Colorado!

Update from Elliot!

😄🙌 We made it to COLORADO!!!!😄🙌 Yes!!!#t1dstrong #bikebeyond #bikeacrossamerica #t1d Thanks @iamspecialized_road @dexcom @knowfoods @genucan @honeystinger @goodglucos @sierratp

Photo from Stockton, Kansas

Update from Elliot!

😄 🚴🏻Another 274 km in 2 days, in 105 degree weather!! SO hot 🔥🔥!! Just a couple thousand more to go! #cycling #bikebeyond #t1dlookslikeme#picoftheday #goodglucos #t1d #t1dstrong@beyondtype1daily @theellenshow – have us on your show!

Canada Day in Centralia, Illinois

Update from Elliot!

Loved celebrating Canada Day 😄🇨🇦 with Canadian teammates Silvi and Matt and the rest of our awesome team!! Special thanks to honorary Canadians, Walt and Amanda for all the sweet festivities!! ☺️ 🇨🇦 #canadian #canadaday#bikebeyond #bikeacrossamerica #cycling#goodglucos

updates from Helen’s day in the van!

Lunch van duties today in the van with lovely Perri. It’s definitely not a rest day as your have to stick with the team providing water, food, low snacks and any other help needed. It was great to watch the team be so great, pushing so hard in crazy hot weathers, on a long ride with a lot of hills!

Weirdly I had the most hypos in one day today. Maybe after yesterday’s big ride? I like to look for patterns/trends in my sugar levels but mainly I like to accept it does whatever and I just aim to deal with it at it comes!
#bikebeyond #livebeyond #diabetesnz #biking #type1diabetic


Nashville to Hopkinsville

Update from Helen!

Today’s century ride from Nashville to Hopkinsville. Great day on amazing roads😀. I fell off my bike again, collecting arm bruises it seems!

Update from The Listening Room Cafe

Bike Beyond Team members celebrate songwriters night with EMI Records Nashville recording artist Eric Paslay!

Bike Beyond Picnic!

Thanks to Neil Greathouse for capturing this fun video of the team picnic!


Elliot in Nashville!

🎸 Made it to #nashville !! 😄🙌 We biked 152 km today in less than 6 hours!! 😄😄 Powered by our awesome sponsors!! @specialized_bikes @knowfoods @honeystinger @genucan @zicococonut @gopro @fitsetpass #t1d#bikebeyond #iamspecialized #bikelife #cycling#bikeacrossamerica #t1dlookslikeme #goodglucos#biking #sponsoredathlete

Update from Ryan!

Props to the fearless Elliot for showing us these Roubaix 2017s can ride through anything!

Philadelphia Museum of Art


Riding in Philly!! 😄🙌 @iamspecialized_road #iamspecialized #specialized#biking #cycling #stairs #legs #t1d

Clark County, Ohio

Update from Elliot!

I LOVE my @iamspecialized_road road bike!!😄🙌Did our first 80km this morning in 2:59:30! Big thanks to our other sponsors too! @knowfoods @honeystinger @zicococonut @fitsetpass#specialized #iamspecialized #roadbike#bikebeyond #t1d #goodglucos — at Clark County, Ohio.

Cleveland, Ohio

Elliot, updating us from Mabel’s BBQ!

After another 116km ride we made it to Cleveland, Ohio!! 😄 🙌 🇺🇸 #bikebeyond #t1d #instagood#thegoodlife #cleveland @beyondtype1daily @goodglucos. 
Pittsburgh, PA

Update from Silvi!

Getting all the rain today!

Update from Elliot as the team embarks from New York!

We’re doing it!! 😄😄😄 Thanks to all our sponsors!! @specialized_bikes @knowfoods @goodglucos @zicococonut @gopro @sierratp @genucan @fitsetpass 🙌🙌 #t1d #bikebeyond#diabetes #instagood #picoftheday 

The team travels into Pennsylvania!

Update from Elliot as the team makes it way to Pennsylvania today!

🇺🇸😄Crossing into Pennsylvania today!! 🙌🙌 with my @goodglucos branded @specialized_bikes#bikebeyond #livebeyond #t1d #instagood#cycling — in Bristol, Pennsylvania.

I’ve Got Soul Video

Thanks to Neil Greathouse and Go Pro for this video of the riders!



[Note: This entry was published on before the ride begin; it is a piece about Elliot, written by Alexi Melvin!]

Fitness has been a large part of Elliot Gatt’s life for quite some time, even going back to the exact moment of his Type 1 diabetes diagnosis.

“When I was sixteen, I went on this bike trip. It was like 400 kilometers and a couple days, and then we just stayed at this farm in the country. I was super excited to go back and do that the summer I was 17-years-old,” Elliot remembered.

At 17, one week before his second big biking trip, however, life threw him the T1D curve ball.

“I had just come back from this canoeing trip, and I drank a ton of water. I would say it was water and pop, which obviously I didn’t know better, but, it was like twelve liters a day,” he said. “I had a bit of a cold so I went to the doctor. They took my blood. I was beside my friend watching TV with a two-pound bag of Jujubes and a big-gulp slurpee, and the nurse calls and she’s like, ‘You’ve got diabetes.’”

Elliot made the heartbreaking decision not to go on the 400-kilometer bike trip as planned, but he was not about to let his diagnosis stop him from riding altogether.

“After three days in the hospital, they released me. I love biking, and so I went for like, a half hour bike ride, then I came back. Fortunately, my dad was home,” he said, “Because as soon as I got home, I went right into a seizure; completely unconscious. And so when you wake up from that, you kind of have to have a talk with yourself. It’s like ‘holy crap, this is a lot, to take in.’ You realize how unstable you are.”

With the support of his parents and giving himself plenty of time to learn how his blood sugars reacted with different forms or exercise, Elliot was able to push forward with his passion for fitness and adventure. He went on to run a marathon in Iceland through Diabetes Canada.

“I had on my screensaver the start line for the marathon in this cool town in Reykjavik. And then you actually wake up and walk into that screensaver so to speak, and it’s awesome.”

Just a couple of short years later, Elliot found himself traveling from Canada again, but this time to the Grand Canyon to do a “rim to rim.” One of his friends became hypothermic when the weather proved to be unseasonably cold, so although they had to cut their trip short, they did, according to Elliot, “squeeze in a 45K in one day.”

He also, within the last couple of years, participated in an Olympic length triathlon. But there was still the one challenge that has still managed to evade him – until now.

“I’ve always wanted to do like a big bike ride, like an epic bike ride,” Elliot said. “And I saw Bike Beyond come up, and it just seemed so cool … the parties, and biking across a whole country with a team of diabetics. It’s rad. It’s just the perfect fit.”

To manage his Type 1, Elliot uses syringes and regular testing, but he is very excited to try his new Dexcom system that all of the Bike Beyond riders were given prior to their ride.

Being diagnosed as a teenager, Elliot’s parents, both artists, struggled to afford Elliot’s testing supplies. “The starving artist thing is true, unfortunately,” Elliot said. Today, Elliot serves as Founder of Glood Glucos Inc., which helps give diabetics access to affordable test strips.

“I’m leaving the company to do an advocacy thing; to help people that are just like myself as a Type 1 diabetic. And I think the fact that we’re raising money for a cure is really important. Because the bottom line is, if we have a cure, then we’re out of business, and that is totally fine.”

After Team Bike Beyond finishes their cross-country journey, Elliot plans to seek out ways to share their epic story with the Type 1 community. “Any chance I can get to just tell people, ‘hey here’s this average guy who biked across America with Type 1,’ and how I handled nutrition and handled insulin and blood sugar levels. I think that is pretty inspiring,” he said.

“I think the purpose beyond this bike ride is to show people that a Type 1 can bike across America. So that means, you can play varsity sports, even though your doctor says no. I’ve heard doctors say, ‘Oh you’ve gotta stop playing this, or you’ve gotta stop doing this, or you can’t do that.’ The big thing is: get it in control, and you’re able to do whatever you want.”

Bike Beyond Team Prepares for journey at Pretty Southern Restaurant!

Update from Elliot!

That night celebrity chef, Sam Talbot cooked thee best dinner ever, for our team!! 😄#bikebeyond #foodie #newyork #newyorkcity #t1d #t1dlife huge thanks to Beyond Type 1 🙌

05/29 Pre-Ride Questionnaire

Tell us about the first time you rode a bike. 
My first time riding a bike was in London, England in our backyard, on the BMX I was given for Christmas!:) I was hooked!!

Tell us about a crazy moment or embarrassing experiencing with Type 1.
I ran an ultra in the Grand Canyon – had 7000+ cals worth of snacks packed on me but it just didn’t seem to be enough. It was spring time and there was actually rain and even some snow – not the conditions we planned on. The last couple hours climbing out were brutal! With no snacks left I seriously made it out on a prayer.

What would your spirit animal be?

What’s your go-to low snack?
OJ, and Mars bars!! 😀

Tell us something on your bucket list.
My sister and I have a thing about eating food in the right place and taking a picture of it, like: deep dish pizza in Chicago, or New York cheesecake in NYC, etc. The dream is to one day eat a Toblerone bar in front of the Matterhorn in Switzerland!!

If your friends could pick three adjectives to describe you, what would they be?
Adventurous, driven and optimistic

What’s the last thing you watched on TV and why?
Finding Nemo – had some friends over for a birthday dinner and they brought their kids with them.

Tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know.
I did a little bit of street performing in Toronto to help save up for a 2-year volunteer mission I went on when I was 19.

What’s a super power you wish you had?
I wish I could fly!

Tell us something you’re good at!
MMA fighting/sparring – I love it!!

If you had a theme song for yourself, what would it be?
Good Life by One Republic