Meet Kevin, age 52

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Nick Jonas Meets the Team in Napa

Moab, Utah

Here’s a video captured by Neil Greathouse of the brushfire that started right after lightning struck a field across from the house the team was staying in!

Bike Beyond Picnic!

Thanks to Neil Greathouse for capturing this fun video of the team picnic!


I’ve Got Soul Video

Thanks to Neil Greathouse and Go Pro for this video of the riders!


05/29 Pre-Ride Questionnaire

Tell us about the first time you rode a bike. 
I grew up in Cascade, Montana. It’s a really amazing small town along the Missouri River located in Central Montana. It’s populated with really amazing people. In this amazing village, people will give you the shirt off their back if needed. My siblings and friends have been bicycling since we were able to walk. We could bicycle from sun up until sun down with no fear and amazing fun. Many amazing childhood memories in the 406. Aka: The last best place.

Tell us about a crazy moment or embarrassing experiencing with Type 1.
I have had many crazy T1D events in my 52 years of existence. Most embarrassing? I was in a track meet running a 440. PS: I was in first place as I rounded corner # 3. I dropped like a rock due to low blood sugar.

What would your spirit animal be?

What’s your go-to low snack?
Apple Juice, Chocolate Milk or Glucose tabs. Sometimes the entire kitchen. Lol.

Tell us something on your bucket list.
I am a crazy entrepreneur, small business owner and inventor. I own several patents and have designed a tool that has been in research and development for 4 years. We tested the market place for proof of sales in 2016 for 30 days. Sold out in 22 days and and we are now attempting to put the product in every hardware store across the USA first and then the world.

If your friends could pick three adjectives to describe you, what would they be?
Inspiring, Tenacious, Persistent

What’s the last thing you watched on TV and why?
I don’t watch much TV. However, I was spending some family time with my wife’s family and our kids Sunday and we watched the NFL playoff games between the Packers and the Cowboys and the Steelers and the Chiefs. Some great family time.

Tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know.
I was involved in a near death auto accident at the age of 8. (1973) I have not removed my shirt in public since. People stare, give me goofy looks cause it looks like Zoro attacked me.

What’s a super power you wish you had?
To have the magic power to cure T1D, MS, and many other non curable diseases.

Tell us something you’re good at!
I love music. I’m a little bit county and a whole lot of Rock n Roll. I have been playing the drums since the 5th grade. I used to be really good. It was always my childhood dream to be a Rock Star… I missed my calling though.

If you had a theme song for yourself, what would it be?
Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

If you had a nick name/alter ego for yourself during the ride, what would it be?