Crissy Field, CA

Final update from Cheryl!

Homeward bound after being on the road traveling in some fashion since May 26th and I have to say that after biking almost 4300 miles and unpacking and repacking multiple suitcases every night/morning, I feel like Forrest Gump #ImTiredAndReadyToGoHomeNow Recap coming soon! First we have to get Ella and Abby off to college

Crissy Field, CA

Final Update from Ryan!

After 4,205 miles and 15 states, Team Bike Beyond has Dunn it! When you tell a group of Type 1 diabetics that they can’t do something, prepare to be proven wrong 💪✌️

Napa, CA

Update from Elliot!

Wishing I could eat like this everyday!  Beyond Type 1, thank you for putting on an incredible party!

Final Update from Helen!

I can’t believe I made it to San Francisco. Arriving to Crissy Field once we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge was amazing! It was so so good to see Keith again and meeting @amerikiwikid at the end made me feel so happy and proud of what the team and Beyond Type 1 has achieved.

Type 1 should not stop you doing things 

San Francisco, CA

Final Update from Meagan!

My name is Meagan Banks, I have type 1 diabetes, and this summer I biked across America!

Final Update from Melissa!

10 weeks ago I pedaled out of New York, expecting the epic physical challenge of riding across a continent. What I got was that, and so much more. For the first time in over 14 years I felt normal – I found my tribe and suddenly diabetes became okay. Instead of being my secret shame or a burden, I got to experience diabetes life as the every day.

To the 18 people I lived and rode with across America, I cannot thank you enough for giving me this gift. You have all filled a gaping hole of loneliness that was eating away at my heart. I had never realised how isolating diabetes can be. We had the adventure of a lifetime together and I’m incredibly blessed to be going home with a new family of people who were all crazy and audacious enough to sign up to be a part of this.

My heart is full. You all inspire me. Keep living beyond.

Final Update from Amanda!

Day 70:

Final Update from Elliot!

Finished it!!! 😄 NYC to San Fran! 🌴 So grateful for this journey, our team, Beyond Type 1, and our sponsors: @knowfoods @iamspecialized_road @genucan @sierratp @honeystinger @ntrecovery @goodglucos

San Francisco, CA

Update from Cheryl!

WE DID IT!!!💃🏼🚴‍♀️ We made it across the Golden Gate and finished our cross country bike ride raising awareness and $$ for #type1diabetes with #beyondtype1

San Francisco, CA

Update from Melissa!

Just biked across a continent… .

Final Update

After 10 weeks and 7000kms this bridge is all that remains…

Day 68-69

Biked into Napa earlier this week with a police escort! Then spent an amazing evening and afternoon at the Honig Winery raising money and awareness for Beyond Type 1.

One ride day left this summer. We get into SF TODAY

Nick Jonas Meets the Team in Napa


[Post originally published by Topix, available HERE.]

NAPA VALLEY, CA, AUGUST 10TH, 2017 Beyond Type 1’s “Bike Beyond”, a 10-week summer cycling trip from New York City to San Francisco, hosted over 350 guests at their Napa Valley Pop-Up Party at the Honig Winery in Rutherford, CA on Wednesday, August 9th, 2017, raising over $200,000 to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes. Beyond Type 1’s Bike Beyond initiative, which kicked off in New York City on June 3rd, is wrapping up the 4,248-mile tour in San Francisco on Friday, August 11th.

Sonoma Valley, CA

Update from Cheryl!

Saved for the last day…an amazing thoughtful gift from Aaron Johnson, president of Families Fighting Type 1, to team Bike Beyond!

Davis, CA

Update from Walt!

While my ridemates may be smiling , rabbit attacks are a real thing. Be careful out there…

Napa, CA

Update from Walt!

Just pics with Nick…nbd

Napa, CA

Update from Meagan!

Me and my friend Nick Jonas

Napa, CA

Update from Matt!

Just a casual police escort into Napa yesterday. Day 68/70, hard to believe this thing is coming to a close.

Update from Melissa!

So so so excited to be bringing Stanley home to Brisbane with me thanks to the incredibly generous Steve from Know Foods Cannot thank you enough for keeping us fed all summer AND now giving us all the opportunity to take home the bikes that have gotten us all the way across America! So grateful 

Napa, CA

Thank you to our amazing sponsors @knowfoods for keeping us fed and healthy all summer AND for buying Bessie so I can take her home with me!

Napa, CA

Today I have eaten a chocolate Omnipod and met Nick Jonas ( a T1D and one of the founders on Beyond Type 1). Last night was the Napa party that was hosted by the lovely Honig family at their vineyard. It was incredible. We found out that the wonderful Steve Hanley, CEO of Know Foods (one of our amazing sponsors) is going to buy the whole team their Specialized bike that we have all used to get from NYC to SF. This kindness is so incredible!

During the day we were police escorted as the whole team through the last 5 (ish) miles into Napa. Everything that had happened seems unreal.

On day 69 of 70 with Team Bike Beyond. It’s so crazy and I can’t wait to dip those tyres in and see Keith 

Nick Jonas in Napa

Awesome afternoon with @nickjonas and Team #bikebeyond!


Honig Vineyard & Winery

Update from Cheryl!

What a fabulous last 2 days! Arriving in Napa with a police escort in the last 10 miles, an AMAZING party Honig Winery where team Bike Beyond was surprised by the Know Foods CEO with news that they are buying everyone in team Bike Beyond their bikes so we all get to keep them 🎉

Cheers and tears were shed all around, thank you Steve for your amazing generosity and for keeping us fed all the way across the country and especially through the desert🌵❤️!

Then we had a beautiful tour of the Honig Winery and learned how to test grapes for sweetness to see if they are ready for harvest and we had a beautiful lunch with the Honig family and Nick Jonas!

Update from Melissa!

Climbing in to Napa! Only 1 ride left with my trusty#ruby Stanley. I’m going to miss him, these amazing views, and experiencing every day life on a bike

Biking beyond Type 1

[Post originally published on Nevada Appeal, available HERE.] 

Diabetes may seem like a debilitating diagnosis, but 20 cyclists are working to prove this isn’t the case by riding over 4,200 miles across the United States.


Sacramento, CA

Update from Melissa!

Diabetes in the wild. Changing my pump site 50 miles in to today’s ride to Davis .

Update from Silvi!

As I’m coming into my final 3 days of cycling across America my heart is so warm and full to get these lovely notes from my Godmother, my cousins Jill & Richard, and bestie from uni Aundrea. Thank you – it means so much!

Silver Fork Cafe

Update from Walt!

What champs eat after a bomb ass descent… #20milesin20minutes #pigsinablanket

Heavenly Mountain

Happy Helen! 

And happy feet!


California State Border

Update from Cheryl!

We made it to #Califreakinfornia 🎉 We have learned a lot during this incredible journey and now our ❤️’s are turning towards home and the ability to sleep in a bed every night!!!!


I am so proud of Abby Pepper she has been incredible! She also found her “we made it to CA reward” since she will by the ski slopes at #AppState 🙌

Speaking of incredible, we couldn’t have done this with all our support from my amazing Mr. Pepper on the home front or our incredible Specialized Ruby machines!!!

Very surreal! Now for a rest day in South Lake Tahoe!

Crossing into California!

Bittersweet moment crossing into our final state of this journey, and I definitely expected a better sign…

Daggett Summit, Tahoe

Update from Meagan!

Today I biked up a mountain and now we’re in California

Cross Country Cyclists Pass through Ely

[Post originally published by The Ely Times, available HERE.]

A group of cyclists passed through Ely this past Monday on a cross-country bike ride from from New York to San Francisco.

This ride has a purpose. There are 20 riders, and 19 of them live with type 1 diabetes. The rider will have ridden for approximately 10 weeks and will have crossed 4,248 miles. “The program was built and desgined to test personal limits and challenge bicyclists not only as athletes, but also as people living with the chronic conditions that is Type 1” stated in a press release from Beyond Type 1 the organization responsible for the ride.

The riders come from all over the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.  Their stops in Nevada include, Baker, Ely, Eureka, Austin, and Sparks. Their ride will be complete once they arrive in San Francisco. For more information go to


Fallon, NV

Update from Melissa!

Another day in Nevada, a few more summits, and my longest ride ever. Another wonderful day!

in Nevada!

Update from Silvi!

110 miles. 4 summits. 115° heat. 15mph average. 1 more great day with these two! They made me feel strong on the uphills and super fast on the descents.

Somewhere in Nevada….

Can type 1 diabetics bike 110 miles through the desert? damn right we can!! 

Austin, Nevada


3 days, 385km, 11 summits… Nevada has it all, desert heat, mountains, sock doping, and one cyclist who never thought she’d be able to do this!

Days 59-61

We’ve entered my logistics leg of the trip! I’ve been working since January on figuring out how 20 Type 1 diabetics will eat and sleep through the desert, and here we are! Biking and eating and sleeping. (Check my name on that National Park reservation 🙃)

Currently in middle of Nevada, traveling along Highway 50, the loneliest road in America. Heads up: it’s also probably the hottest. And the entire state of Nevada is full of mountains.

A little over one week until we’re in San Francisco.

Austin, NV

Not going to lie, today was a deep dark pit of awful in my head. The ONLY reason I rode was because it was Austin day, and I wanted to persevere and inspire for a friend who has always, always got my back. Because I want his son to grow up in a world where dreams can come true.

Pancake Summit

Another day in Nevada, another 4 summits. Epic 💪

Eureka, NV

Update from Elliot!

4th summit of day, 4,200 ft of elevation gain, 79.6 miles – 4:58 hrs!!

Made it to Nevada!

Update from Silvi!

Update from Melissa!

Made it to Nevada, with 4 summits in 1 day. Hardest & most rewarding day with Stanley!

Nevada State Border!

We made it here on our bicycles?!?! 

Welcome to Nevada!

Border, Utah

Update from Cheryl!

Well we finally made it to #Nevada 🎉

Utah was pretty brutal to us but happiness returns with fun water stop entertainment by Jesse, good showers and rest!

So proud of Abby she is so strong and never complains! She is my inspiration❤️

Baker, NV

Update from Helen!

I had a rest day in Nevada yesterday. We went to an amazing cafe in Baker with lovely owners who let us sit there for hours. They had two cats which was fun. Then the campsite we stayed at was ace with a little river and it actually cooled down at night which meant I slept woo

Antimony, Utah

Percy, a fellow diabadass, wishes he had a specialized bike for this!
Slow and steady wins though, right??

Van day again today but it was a great day. Apart from the thunder and lightening at the top of a pass. That was a little scary

Cross-country diabetes ride coming to Fallon
[Post originally published by Nevada Appeal – Lahonton Valley News, available HERE.]

Next week a group of cyclists will be passing through Fallon on a cross-country bike ride from New York City to San Francisco.