Cyclists with Type 1 Diabetes Ride Across America

[Post originally published by KREX’s News Channel 5 during the 5PM news segment and is now online via their online portal at Western Slop Now,  available HERE.]

Bike Beyond Stops in Grand Valley

By: Colette Bordelon 

The riders come from all around the world and 18 of them live with Type 1 diabetes. There were medical concerns about the cyclists when they first started the journey, but the team has already conquered over half of their trip. They must monitor their blood sugar closely as they ride, and hope to inspire other individuals affected by Type 1 diabetes. “Go to college, travel the world, go camping, or whatever it might be that they are daydreaming to do, they can do that. Type 1 diabetes is tough, but I think we are tougher than that,” said Siddharth Sharma, one of the team leaders with Bike Beyond.

The team camped in a local woman’s backyard, who is a member of the local non-profit Diabetes Counts. The organization is dedicated to helping young people with Type 1 diabetes and their families. Those with Diabetes Counts said they support the mission behind the bike ride. “I would wish that every Type 1 diabetic could enjoy life the way they [the cyclists] are right now. And to have that confidence in themselves to prosper in life,” said Robin Levine, the fundraising chair for Diabetes Counts and the local host for the Bike Beyond Team.

Diabetes Counts will be holding their fundraiser where The Motet will play at Mesa Theater on September 2. To find out more about Diabetes Counts visit